Document Processing

A centralized workflow. A production control platform. With our Documents Processing technologies, you can have it all.

Document Processing tracks all facets of production, print, sorting, assembly, and mailing jobs – from receipt to completion – so you can rest assured your product is in good hands.

Processing Stages:

  • Reception: Secure receipt of data or print files.
  • Processing: Fast, efficient, and secure electronic processing.
  • Preprint Quality Assurance (PPQA): Ensures product quality, accuracy, and fidelity.
  • Printing and Inserting Interfaces: Printers, inserters, and other cutting-edge devices help contribute toward top tier operational efficiency.

Our Digital Offerings:

·         Document Composition Interface

·         Letter, Booklet, and Contract Generation Functionality

·         Batch Processing and One-off Generation

·         Staff-augmented Application Support

·         Scalable Version Control and Content Management

·         Module-drive Business Logic

·         Workflow Approval Processes

·         Application Program Interface (API) Integrations

·         Self-serviceable Updates and Enhancements

·         Omni-channel Distribution

·         Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Processes

·         Data Segregation

·         Secure File Transfer via Cloud or Direct Connect (eDelivery)

“If someone were thinking of using our business, I’d tell them they would be in good hands with the most professional and dedicated team they could ever find. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We will settle for nothing less.” —Sr IT Infrastructure Analyst

Managed Features

  • Addition of 2D manufacturing and mail integrity bar codes.
  • Advanced function presentation (AFP), postscript, PCL, PDF, and more.
  • Automated document count balancing.
  • Service level agreement monitoring.
  • Multiple document generation source technologies (interactive document composition service, modified document composition service/xml delimited data, post-composition document service/print-ready document streams).
  • Mailing software integration.
  • Householding management.
  • Back file data: When the print job completes, we provide a return file with job details (such as printer identifier, operator identifier, date, time) to enhance your compliance and audit processing.
  • Dynamic perforation: Logic-based, dynamically present, and multiple vertical and horizontal perforations.
  • Envelope customization: Enables use of a non-window mailing envelope for cost reduction by conditionally printing on the front of the envelope; includes mailing address, return address, and up to three logos, messages, or icons.
  • In-line check options: Pantograph technology creates an inline check; eliminates separate processing, preprinted stock, additional insertion; and includes all the standard security features.
  • Onsert management: Instead of inserting a brochure or other piece, we can print documents in-line, saving cost and time.
  • Reprinting: We manage a complete reprinting process for pieces damaged or “pulled” at any stage of manufacture while maintaining the integrity of piece count, tracking and audit validity.
  • White space management: Provides a method to use existing white space within each document for messaging based on business logic.